Join us as one of only 50 Mentors, who will be stepping up as part of our brand new Partner Pathways Pre-Launch by April 16th

Generate an additional $25k of revenues per year. Become even more recognised in your chosen field, creating an incredible brand and really strong partnerships that make you stand out as an expert in the marketplace. Be found as a qualified, certified mentor by over 800,000 GeniusU members

Apply now for one of only 10 places available, per Partner Pathway and a chance to win a 2nd, totally free Certification of your choice! (with all of the bonuses)

This exclusive pre-launch is only open to GeniusU Mentors.

There are only 10 places available for each of the new Partner Pathways and we know from experience that these places will fill quickly. At the recent GeniusU Annual Conference in February, we saw that these new certifications are very popular, with 1 in 5 Mentors already choosing to specialise in a 2nd Certification.

Dear Mentor,

Imagine you were tapped into and using some of the best and most creative products and services in the marketplace today. Products that are already making a meaningful and measurable contribution to thousands of clients all over the world. Products that will help you serve your clients better, enabling you to generate consistent revenues each month within your chosen niche.

Imagine that these tried and tested products and services, already have too many customers! Customers who are demanding more and more access to them. Customers who are requesting delivery in new cities and across new industries globally. To a point where client demand, is outweighing the ability to deliver. Imagine how easy it would be for you to find new clients, set up new programmes, share amazing testimonials to create even more attraction and constantly be able to shine in your flow, if you could be one of the key partners of these incredible products.

Well now this is a reality!

We just shared for the first time at the GeniusU Annual Conference, a few weeks ago, the brand new 2018 Partner Pathways and now we want to share this, in our pre-launch to all our 2500 mentors, ahead of our launch in April.

We have moved from one single Partner Pathway in Entrepreneurs Institute, to a multi partnership with 5 different companies, each of whom already has super high customer demand that they now need help with.

Each of them now need capable mentors, just like you, who can assist them to scale their services globally and into new market places, whilst earning revenue for yourself immediately.

So they have each created a pathway, for a partner to generate anything between $25k per year additional revenues right up to multi million dollars per year, and today we are sharing with you how you can become a part of one of these pathways.

The 5 new partner pathways with these super exciting businesses are:

1. Health Dynamics
2. The Genius School
3. Entrepreneurs Resorts
4. Entrepreneurs Institute
5. B1G1 (Buy one Give one)

To join the brand new partners pathway, simply select the niche(s) you want to specialise and become certified in and you will instantly align yourself with one or more of these partnerships. You will be sent access to the community of their specialist partners, where you will receive ongoing training and support from the top experts in their areas. Whichever partnership opportunity(s) you align with, you will also be given access to an online certification on GeniusU and you will be able to complete your certification with just 10 of your peers starting May 1st!

That’s right, we have set aside just 10 spaces per pathway, for our existing mentors to upgrade into before April 16th. These places will fill very quickly based on our previous experience.

I look forward to seeing which pathway you choose to partner with!



You can choose 1 or more of the following Partner Pathway certifications as a Mentor. Whether you decide to become certified so that you can earn the right to move along the particular chosen pathway over the next few years, increasing your knowledge and earnings, or because you want to help those in your network within your already chosen niche at the mentor level, you can choose the right certification for you.

Health Dynamics Consultant

Help others discover their personalised Path to Health! As a Health Dynamics Consultant, you are certified to run amazing 1-2-1 debriefs with someone who is wanting to discover their unique path to health. Using any 1 of the combinations of 80 Health Dynamics profiles, you will be able to help people understand their body type, alongside their WD profile type to help them know what foods to eat and avoid. What exercise to do and keep away from. How to relax and restore their body’s natural health balance. As a Health Dynamics Consultant, you can then choose to go on to become a Health Dynamics Practitioner where you can diagnose the best herbs and treatments or you can go on to study and become a fully qualified Health Dynamics Ayurvedic Doctor!

Genius Educator Certification

Join the Genius Schools Education Revolution! As a Genius Educator you are certified to run powerful 1-2-1 debriefs with young people, using Talent Dynamics For Young People (TDYP). This profile test is specifically for 9-16 year olds helping them to understand their profile and to find their flow in life from an early age. As a Genius Educator, you can then choose to go on to become a Genius School Trainer, where you can run your own 1 day programmes for 50 young people at a time, in your local city, or you can become a Genius Camp Leader and run your own 1 week transformational Genius Camps for families. Whatever level you see yourself at, it all starts here, by being certified as a Genius Educator!

Entrepreneur Resorts Mentor

As an Entrepreneur Resorts Mentor, you are certified to apply to be on the iLAB Faculty of mentors. This group of highly skilled mentors are the ones who are mentoring and changing the lives of Entrepreneurs at our renowned iLAB events in Bali and South Africa. You will be the first to be selected to speak as experts at the Genius Cafe events and will be invited to share at Entrepreneur Socials around the world sharing your expertise. You will help to create the vault of content that is shared by thousands of beach club members! As an Entrepreneur Resorts Mentor, you can the choose to go on to become fully trained as an iLAB Facilitator, running our 2 week events at one of our resorts, or you can go on to be a Trainer where you can host and run your own incubator programmes in your local city and run our 3 day bootcamp events at our resorts as a Master Trainer!

Flow Consultant

As an Entrepreneurs Institute Flow Consultant, you are joining the world’s leading coaching community for Entrepreneurs & Leaders, using the world’s leading assessment tools for building trust and flow in business. You will be certified to run, high impact, high return on investment debriefs with either entrepreneurs or corporate leaders. These debriefs helping people to find their flow can result in thousands of dollars of Return on investment for your clients, from a 45 minute debrief with you. As a Flow Consultant you can then go on to become a Performance Consultant where you can run 2 day business development programmes generating at least $150,000 return on investment for a team, or you can become a next level Trainer, where you can build your own specialist content for our community of consultants to learn from as a Master Trainer!

Impact Consultant

As a B1G1 Impact Consultant, firstly you will be recognised on GeniusU as a B1G1 company and given a badge for good which you can display on your GeniusU web store, so anyone purchasing from your mentor webstore will know you are a B1G1 company and that any purchase from you will create impacts for good through B1G1. You will also be certified to conduct powerful 1-2-1 sessions with business owners and leaders on how to create more impact in the world. As companies strive to have better corporate social responsibility policies and customers become more choosy who they want to do responsible business with, it will be the clients you help who will stand out in the market place. As an Impact Consultant you can also choose to go onto become a B1G1 trainer where you consult with entire organisations and teams on how to create better impact, or you can step up to become a Trainer where you are teaching impact principles to other trainers and mentors as a Master Trainer!


One lucky mentor who upgrades into the certification of their choice, will also win a 2nd certification totally free of charge - you can either gift this to a friend or pick a 2nd certification to complete for yourself on GeniusU - just make sure you have upgraded by April 16th to get the bonuses and be in with a chance of winning the free 2nd place


Whichever certification you choose, as a mentor, in this Pre-launch, before we share with our entire network of leaders and members, you can upgrade into any of these certifications for just $500.

These certifications are all $3000 at full price but for the first 10 mentors who are simply upgrading into a 2nd or 3rd certification, for each partner pathway, the price is only $500


A brand new certification(s) of your choice
A certification(s) on GeniusU, with a unique badge(s) on your profile upon completion as a Mentor

Full GeniusU Mentor Status
Ability to be found by over 800,000 members and promoted by Genie with your own 5 star ratings and reviews.

  • You can create your own paid or free Microdegrees on GeniusU
  • Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time
  • Share your opportunities with all of the the other members on GeniusU
  • Place your products and services for sale on the GeniusU webstore
  • Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on the dashboard

Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - $970
A full year on Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton. Access the full back catalogue of recordings

Community Training And Support For Your Certification(s)
Join the GeniusU community for your chosen certification(s) and receive monthly webinars, ongoing training and support from May 1st. Also you will receive additional training and support as a GeniusU Mentor


In addition to the full GeniusU certification for your chosen upgrade, all of the mentors who choose one of the 10 upgrade places per pathway by April 16th will also receive the following:

25 profile tokens - $2425
Choose from 25 profile tokens of your choice That's $2425 of product which you can sell immediately, for just the $500 upgrade price!

GeniusU Mentor Status
Your GeniusU Mentor Status is extended by a further 12 months, from 1st May 2018 until 31st April 2019

A $500 voucher to use against the GeniusU Partner Accelerator in Q3 or Q4 2018
If you choose to join our top partner accelerator programme in 2018, you have got a $500 off voucher to use. In this programme, we will show you how to run a compelling promotion that will generate you an additional $3500 per month in revenues.

Apply now for one of only 10 places available, per Partner Pathway and a chance to win a 2nd, totally free Certification of your choice! (with all of the bonuses)


Partner Pathways 2018 Application

I am an existing GeniusU Mentor and I would like to apply to be one of the 10 mentors certified in the following Partner Pathway:

(You can tick as many as you want to apply, to be considered for. Remember one lucky mentor will win a 2nd certification free of charge so let us know now which ones you are most interested to complete)