We are excited to share with you our Pathway of Partnerships, that combines Talent Dynamics, GeniusU and Wealth Dynamics products within one community.

There are 5 levels of partnership each holding different opportunities of working with us, based on what you want to achieve in your business. When you partner with us you are joining a community of over 6500 partners globally, ranging from those who simply want wholesale rates on our products, to our accredited consultants and our global partners.

Joining as an Entrepreneurs Institute
Affiliate or Reseller is simple and free.

As an affiliate, you can market our products and earn commissions of between 10% and 80% depending on the type of product or event you choose to recommend.

As a reseller, you can buy our products at wholesale rate discount, of 20% to 70% based on the products and the volumes, and resell them or package them within your own product offering.

These products include all online products and events related to Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, GeniusU, and iLab.

You will receive a personal page in our partner center to access our marketing material and resources, and to track your earnings.
Entry to our partner community
Your own personalized website with in-built affiliate links.

As a Flow Consultant, you are qualified to provide profile debriefs of both Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics.

You will receive your Flow Consultant Accreditation after completing the online training Mission on Genius U and attending the two day business accelerator workshop (optional) to help you integrate Wealth and Talent Dynamics into your business.

You also have access to our monthly training webinars and online resources.

In addition to all the benefits of our affiliates and resellers, as a Licensed Flow Consultant you get entry into our consultant community, where we share best practices and the latest success strategies in coaching and training globally.

You will be recognised as a Licensed Flow Consultant on GeniusU, with a consultant profile, five star review, testimonials, as well as being included in our industry- specific and location-based directory. This status gives you access to track the progress of your clients and customers on the world’s leading entrepreneur and transformational education platform.


Interpreting and understanding the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics personal graphs.

The process for conducting and running a high value Profile Debriefing session.

The best practices and strategies for launching your Flow Consultant business or integrating it into your existing product offering

The subtle differences between the profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path.

How to measure an individual’s Flow.

The best way to get each profile into Flow.


2-day intensive training programme with a highly experienced Master Trainer.

A license to sell Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics profiles and debriefs to your clients and teams.

A monthly update on new materials, developments and sharing of best practice amongst consultants.

Access to the global community of Flow and Performance Consultants

10 profile Tokens (Total value of $970 USD resale value).

You own GeniusU consultant profile


Bali – 9th July 2017 to 12th July 2017

UK – 19th November 2017 to 22nd November 2017


Flow Consultant Program $5000 USD

Meals And Accommodation (Twin Sharing) Included

As a Performance Consultant, you are additionally qualified to run half day and full day training programs on either Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics.

In addition to the two day Flow Consultant Accreditation Workshop, you will attend an advanced three day Performance Consultant Accreditation Workshop, enabling you to deliver workshops to in both Wealth and Talent Dynamics.

Wealth Dynamics training advances into individual and SME business consulting with the 9 Wealth Spectrum Levels to increase financial wellbeing, matching the business growth strategy to the profiles of the entrepreneur and their team.

Talent Dynamics training advances into working with teams, divisions, organisations and stakeholders, on the principles of Trust and Flow, with strategic goals that match their individual and team profiles.


Interpreting and understanding the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics personal graphs.

The process for conducting and running a high value Profile Debriefing session.

The subtle differences between the profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path.

How to shift paradigms with simple, quick, powerfully effective exercises.

The process for clients to build ideas that can generate 6 figure results

The process for unblocking blocks to flow quickly and easily with teams.

Key principles to build powerful programmes, that complement your current product offering.

The Wealth Spectrum levels to increase financial wellbeing and the 64 Vector cards


5-day intensive training programme with a highly experienced Talent Dynamics or Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer.

A license to sell Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Programmes to your Clients.

50 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens ($4,850 USD Resale Value)

Access to the global community of Flow and Performance Consultants.

A monthly update on new materials, developments and sharing of best practice amongst consultants.

Your own GeniusU Consultant Profile

BONUS: Access to Roger Hamilton’s monthly Entrepreneur Mastermind, valued at $6000 USD per year.

Accreditation training also included on the Wealth Profiles, Spectrum Levels and the 64 Vector Cards.

Already a Flow Consultant? Upgrade for $4000 USD


Bali – 11th July 2017 to 15th July 2017

UK – 21st November 2017 to 25th November 2017


Performance Consultant Program $9000 USD

Meals And Accommodation (Twin Sharing) Included

Global Partners are our highest level of partnership, and entry is by invitation.

As a Global Partner you receive all the benefits of previous levels of partnership, and you are also in a position to co-create products with us and grow a substantial team.

You can focus on a country or an industry niche for Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics or both. We will support you and market your niche to our network, with co-created products.

Entry into a Global Partnership is by invitation only

and is a progression for our top performing consultants.

Denise Parker, Coaching & Development

“When I use Talent Dynamics with coaching clients … they get to look at their profile and they get to recognise who they really are and feel almost free to be themselves … which means they bring more of themselves and they get to be more effective more naturally and they get better results, better communication, better relationships.

(With Talent Dynamics) there is so much on offer…so much support, so many tools, so many resources…they are really helping me offer more value to my clients, and also it helps me because … looking at ways I can improve and enhance my own business.

Something else that I find really valuable working with Talent Dynamics is being part of the whole community which is a growing community.”

Denise Parker, Coaching & DevelopmentPerformance Consultant
David Dugan, ELITE500 Mastermind

“Working with the Wealth Dynamics profiles has helped me identify and maximise my own power, purpose and priorities. Embedding Wealth Dynamics into my coaching has enabled to help my clients to double their turnover and reduce the stress and inefficiencies. What I find refreshing and unique is how quickly and simply they have the ability to really understand their strengths, stop doing the things they are trying too hard at and not getting results. With Wealth Dynamics we see the turnaround quickly.

Plus the methodology (of WD) to sustainably grow a team around the natural flow of the founder is key in the entrepreneurial world.”

David Dugan, ELITE500 MastermindFlow Consultant
Marianne Cantwell

“The thought of being “in flow” is something that feels like a luxury for when you’re all sorted. The truth is: that’s exactly the wrong way around. Stepping into your flow isn’t what you do once you are ‘there’, it’s a big part of the path that will get you there. That’s why Wealth Dynamics (WD) is an essential tool in my free-range toolbox. I’ve built my business and team based on WD and see the results every day.

I ask ALL my clients and members to do the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test before working with me. I also get new hires to take the test upfront.

Quite simply: when you’re stepping into who you are you’re not just happier with what you do; most importantly, you get better results.

Marianne CantwellAffiliateUKs Best Selling Author of Be a Free Range Human
Vicky Jennings, IPS Institute

“Our Australian RTO (registered training organisation) doubled its revenue in the last 6 months since I became a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and implemented the strategies in our business. 2 and a half years later we are turning over multi-million dollars, so it’s x11 from where we started. My team are having more fun and feeling much more connected to the organisation than ever before, they are doing what they love and loving what they do. And getting paid for that! One client alone is set to generate over $1M of additional revenue from a one day programme I ran with them. Typically clients note a 20% – 100% increase in revenue after 6 months.”

Vicky Jennings, IPS InstituteMaster Trainer
Nicci Bonfanti, Superhero Sales Manager

“Recently I’ve been doing more sales coaching…people understanding the profiles of their prospects or clients has increased their sales because they’re able to communicate in different ways according to the profile of the prospect.

I would thoroughly encourage anyone to take the Talent Dynamic Pathway whether it’s for their own personal development, whether it’s to grow their business, whether it’s to understand relationships in their family even…and especially if they are a person who is a reluctant sales person.”

Nicci Bonfanti, Superhero Sales ManagerPerformance Consultant



We’d like to learn a bit about you through this application. If we agree that you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days.

Please email partners@ entrepreneursinstitute.org if your experiencing any problems